Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprinkles vs. Jimmies

What do you call the little, sugar-coated candies that is considered an ice cream topping? It comes in rainbow or chocolate??

I would love to see how many people would write SPRINKLES or JIMMIES. I'm always having this conversation with the hubby. He likes to say Jimmies and I like to say Sprinkles. I know most people from here, Philly, say Jimmies. I think Sprinkles is more appropriate, hence the action of "sprinkling" it on top of your ice cream and it's cuter. That is why Lyla now says Sprinkles as well. LOL

We just had this discussion yesterday when I order Lyla an ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Some people around me started the conversation and it led me to write a post about it. I told the hubby I would and let's see if the majority of people agree with me or him...


What do you call them?



  1. Sprinkles. I used to work at Friendly's and I've only heard the term jimmies once, and at that time I had to ask the person what jimmies were. They looked at me like I had 3 heads...

  2. Sprinkles...........they should be complimentary and should not be paid for at Ice Cream places. Sometimes they charge $.05....


    PS I hope to win the Laurie Berkner CD

  3. I say sprinkles but I am from the NorthShore in MA and everyone there says Jimmies. I think Jimmies is an eastcoast thing. I am now in the midwest and no one would know what a Jimmie is :)

  4. I hail from Wilmington DE and we call 'em sprinkles.

  5. sprinkles... and I dont say rainbow, I say opposed to chocolate & I'm from Long Island, NY


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