Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Once again, late with this. Story of my life...

  1. Really need to stop snacking... I think it's catching up with me!
  2. I went through soda withdraw so bad that I drank root beer.
  3. At times, I wish I was a little kid again...
  4. I hate the sound of construction, mowing the lawn, heck any loud noise now-a-days bother me! I must be getting old.
  5. LOVE doing Yo Gabba Gabba Dancey Dances in the shower with Lyla!
  6. I really do not deserve a phone for what I put it through.
  7. I must step on a SHARP & POINTY toy at least TWICE a day!
  8. My husband told me not to throw any trash in the bathroom trash, it's just for show. (Insert confusion here)
  9. Sad that very soon I will no longer have babies in the house, my girls are getting too big! (But not sad enough to have another one hehe)
  10. I want my dogs to eat my math homework!!
  11. I'm not a wall on Facebook, I did not ask for your comment...
  12. REALLY dislike people who complain about everything!
  13. Who invented glitter? Seriously?
  14. I could've spent every penny I have at the Crayola Store!
  15. I love how Kalina is crawling! Lyla never did so this is new to me!
  16. It's really annoying when the ice cream or butter is hard.
  17. Some people update their Facebook/Twitter status waaaay too much. Just saying.
  18. The hubby and I actually enjoy doing family things together with our kids, unlike some parents we know..
  19. Is it me? Or was this weekly wrap up a little bitter? ;o)

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