Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hubby has some 'splaining to do!

Are you wondering why daughter #1 is in a dog crate?? Yup, so am I! I've been working a couple of hours at night time, so the hubby has been on full mommy & daddy mode while I'm gone. So today, I'm calling out for Lyla and she's no where to be found. I started to hear little giggles and I followed them until......TA-DA! This is where I found her!

The hubby tells me that while I was gone last night, she was playing in there with her cousin. So now she's having play dates in there?? I'm only gone for 2 hours people!! So now, thanks to daddy, our toddler has a new obsession, the dog crate! Although, I must admit it does provide some entertainment to her leading me to have a few more minutes to do whatever, I feel there's something wrong with this picture? As you can see from the pictures, she's smiling and having a great time! And let me just say that she climbed in there all on her own, I do not lock my kids in dog crates LOL!

So as of this morning, I didn't realize we had a new puppy named Lyla! I guess it's time to move the dog crate out of the living room before I find Kalina crawling in there too...

Where is the funniest place you ever found your child/ren? Would love to read about it!



  1. UMMMM She really loves it in there. I tried to get her out but she started to cry...She stopped crying once she shut the cage door. lol

  2. LOL Wow. Best baby detention system ever. That's a super happy little face! My son's 9 mos old, so we really only find him hiding UNDER things (furniture mostly) but that puppy cage sure beats the heck out of a pack 'n play that tips over. Hmm ;)


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