Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprinkles vs. Jimmies

What do you call the little, sugar-coated candies that is considered an ice cream topping? It comes in rainbow or chocolate??

I would love to see how many people would write SPRINKLES or JIMMIES. I'm always having this conversation with the hubby. He likes to say Jimmies and I like to say Sprinkles. I know most people from here, Philly, say Jimmies. I think Sprinkles is more appropriate, hence the action of "sprinkling" it on top of your ice cream and it's cuter. That is why Lyla now says Sprinkles as well. LOL

We just had this discussion yesterday when I order Lyla an ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Some people around me started the conversation and it led me to write a post about it. I told the hubby I would and let's see if the majority of people agree with me or him...


What do you call them?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Padded Bikini Tops For Young Girls

Ok, I don't even know where to begin with this one... BUT I've come across some bikini tops for 7 YEAR OLDS that are PADDED!!
Yup, you read that correctly. PADDED bikini tops for little girls!! Why on Earth would a little girl ranging from let's say 7 years to 12 years of age need a padded bikini top?? What kind of message is that sending out? Why would a parent want to buy something like this for their little girl and have that kind of attention on her?

I don't get it. As a mother of 2 little girls, I would never consider this bikini for them. I personally don't mind them wearing bikinis. I think it's cute and I don't find anything wrong with it. But once there's padding in the bikini top, that's where I draw the line.

Anyone out there agree or disagree? Mothers of little girls, what do you think about this? Would you let your 7 year old wear a bikini like this one? I would love to hear your feedback!



Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Just in time! Almost didn't make it...

  1. Started my new part time job today! If I didn't have enough on my plate!
  2. I'm so tired of cleaning "pee-pee" off the floor and it ain't from a new puppy...
  3. Thinks it's so cute when little kids whispers.
  4. Procrastination leads to accumulation.
  5. Potty training would be fun if Lyla actually liked the potty.
  6. Coming home to a cooked dinner is fabulous!
  7. I am sooo not bikini ready! Grrr...
  8. Kalina loves to blow raspberries..... when she has food in her mouth.
  9. Feels like every one of my weekends are booked until the end of summer!
  10. Had an awesome time at the Laurie Berkner Band concert, despite the rain.
  11. Bought VIP tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba Live in Philly for Lyla's 2nd birthday! Woo-hoo!
  12. Really could use a weekend getaway with the family.
  13. I get a panic attack just thinking about a hot air balloon.
  14. You can't convince me to go on a cruise!
  15. Love planning our Brazil trip for the end of the year.
  16. Always have FAITH!

Friday, May 21, 2010

$1 Old Navy Flip Flops!

Old Navy is holding their annual ONE DAY only sale on their flip flops! It's this Saturday, May 22nd - doors open at 7am!

Limit 5 per customer. Solid flip flops only.

You can find out more information on Old Navy's One Day Wonder Sales HERE.

Enjoy! I know I will be flop flippin' to an Old Navy store tomorrow!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Mommy, I touch poopies!" -Lyla

So today is the day that I've decided to take potty training to the next level. I introduced the potty to Lyla when she turned 1. She actually managed to go "poop" on there a few times and we got to the point where she now tells me when she's going. Once Kalina was born, I didn't have that much time to dedicate to the whole potty training thing. She still manages to tell me when she's going but she wants nothing to do with the potty. She likes to sit on it with her clothes on, talk to it and put things in it. My dream, and I think any mother out there share this dream, is to have her potty trained (at least during the day) by the time she is 2.
Well, it took one little incident for me to decide that we are in full effect with potty training. As usual, Lyla was in the corner and said, "Mommy, I pooping." And as usual, I always ask her if she wants to go on the potty, and her usual reply, "No." So I let her go about her business, even offered her a book and continued my conversation with my mother on the phone. As I'm talking, Lyla comes up to me and said, "Mommy, here, boogie." I thought she had picked her nose and wanted me to wipe off her hands. I noticed on her finger it was a BIG one! As a mom, nothing else disgusts me any more, so I just grabbed it with my hand until I was able to grab a tissue. Well, it turns out that this "boogie" was a little bit too mushy and still very warm...
As you all can guess by now, it was no "boogie". She had reached down in her diaper and touched her poop. I immediately hung up the phone to assess the situation. That's when I immediately went online and ordered her panties! I thought, that's it, I'm done with this whole diaper thing and apparently she is too. I ordered her "Yo Gabba Gabba" panties which I thought she would have fun with and actually wear them. I've been waiting for warmer weather where I can just let her run around in her new panties and a shirt.
Today, Lyla "threatened" to touch her poopies again, but I was able to catch her on it. Since it has gotten a little warmer, I thought today would be the day. My strategy? I really don't have one. I turned to my mother for advice, since she claims that I have been fully potty trained since the age of 2. Her way of approach was to just rip the diaper off and put panties on. That's it. She has warned me it will be the messiest few days of my life. But eventually, Lyla will feel gross and not want to go potty in her panties any more and I will start seeing signs of her wanting to go. That's when I'm supposed to scoop her up and put her on the potty.
Ok, so that is what I have done. Diaper is off, Foofa panties are on. I have set a timer to go off every 15-20 minutes, for me to put her on the potty. We'll see how this goes. Wish me luck!

** I would love to hear any of your potty training stories or advice or motivation words! ;o) **

Potty training is in FULL effect, starting................NOW!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Ok, ok so I'm a day late with this week's WWU.
BUT to my defense, I've had a lot going on and I've been sick, SO I say better late than never, right?

  1. Why do I always complain about infomercials but 10 minutes later I'm still watching it and contemplating whether or not to buy whatever they're selling??
  2. I want to take this time to thank my lovely husband for teaching our toddler how to THROW! Her aim = MY FACE!
  3. Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! (love you)
  4. Officially started classes.
  5. Mommies do not get a sick day off :o/
  6. Kudos to those working mamas! I leave my girls for 2 hours and I miss them terribly.
  7. After searching for 10 minutes while the guy who was going to load my car with boxes patiently waited, I realized that my car does not have a button that pops the trunk!
  8. Always keep snacks in your car, because when hunger strikes, eating left over crumbs of chips that your child did not want and have been sitting in your car for only God knows how long, might seem like a good idea at first, but it's...not.
  9. There IS a difference between hearing and actually listening...learn it!
  10. Loving the new Manor College T-shirts that I designed!

Until next week-


~Havaianas & Ipanemas~

I've noticed Havaianas took off ever since the crew from the MTV Hit Show "Laguna Beach" started wearing them. And Ipanemas took off as well ever since Supermodel Gisele Budchen started promoting them. As you know by now, I'm Brazilian and both of these flip flops are made there. Ever since I was little, this is all you would find on my feet waaaay before MTV played reality shows and Gisele became a supermodel.

But of course they never made them this cute!! Take a look!

My awesome cousin has transformed ordinary Ipanema (Black) & Havaiana (White) flip flops into these sassy sandals! There hasn't been one time that I wear any of these and someone stops me to ask where I got them. I even have them asking if she's willing to make one for them! If you have ever tried one on, you know how comfortable and soft they are, and now they're cute and fashionable too! She makes all different kinds and colors making them even more unique!

Let me know what you think of them!

I'm ready for this warm weather to stick around so I can wear them!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Tap it out with The Fresh Beat Band ft. Daddy & Lyla

So this is how the hubby and I are spending our Anniversary. I couldn't ask for a better moment...

Proud Mama

Open Love Letter

(On May 14,2005 at 8:00pm. in beautiful Brazil, I married my best friend.)

Dear You,

I can't believe it's already been 5 years since our "I Dos". It feels like it was just yesterday I was anxiously getting beautified while you were getting a massage and drinking by the pool side. You told me this morning that we have reached a milestone. Since that day, we have reached many. We have accomplished so much in these 5 years. We have reached 2 amazing, beautiful milestones along the way, their names being, Lyla & Kalina.
Everyday that I wake up, I thank God for all that is around me. I have to stop and really wonder why and how did I get so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing, little family. Never did I think that I would have one of my own. I never thought I would find what most people call, "THE ONE". I honestly believed that there are billions of people on this Earth and it was so stupid to think that there was only ONE out there for me. ONE that would make me sooo happy. ONE that would be my everything. ONE that I could spend the rest of my life with. I used to think that there were at least a couple thousands that would make me happy. ;o)
Well, let's just say my theory fell through when I fell in love with you. I never thought I would find the perfect person for me. When I was younger, I sat down and listed everything that my "perfect" one would have. It took me 2 days to run out of things to list. When I met you, you slowly started checking off my list without even knowing. I never thought I would find someone who bought me roses just because it was Tuesday. Or someone who would open my car door or all doors for that matter. Or someone who tells me they love me EVERY time they walk out of the room. Or someone who's not afraid to hold my hand. Or someone who, when I look my worst because I've been in labor for 10 hours (Lyla), still finds me beautiful. Or someone, when I've been nothing but screaming and saying mean things to them because I'm 9cm and still no epidural (Kalina), still finds the sweetest things to say and make me feel better. Or someone who supports me NO MATTER WHAT. Or someone who shares the same goals, beliefs and big heart as I do. Or someone who would give me 2 beautiful babies. Or someone who puts their family first at all times.
I could sit here and go on and on bragging about your great qualities, but like I said before, I would be writing for 2 days. I just wanted to write and let you know how much fun it's been so far. We've had a great journey together these past years. It's been quite a ride with lots of ups and downs. I'm looking forward to many, many more years with you by my side. Thank you for always being there when I needed you most. Thank you for loving me for me, no questions asked. Thank you for always believing in us. Thank you for being you.
I know I'm tough, stubborn, hard-headed, nagging and big pain in the butt at times or should I say a lot of times? LOL But, I know how much you love me because you show me everyday. Couldn't imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to be married to me on a daily basis, but hey whatever, it's your call! Thanks for always being an amazing husband and loving father. You make me fall in love with you every single day.

Like the words from our wedding song:

"I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you."

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Love Always,

Cheers my love! To many, many more years with you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

*CLOSED* Laurie Berkner Band Autographed Album - GIVEAWAY! - Congratulations to Arden!

I am beyond excited about this giveaway! The Laurie Berkner Band are sending me an autographed copy of their NEW album "The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band" to giveaway to one lucky winner!

It's the first ever Greatest Hits album in Kindie Rock history! The CD is set to release on June 22nd. Here's a list of what songs will be on the album:

Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz) from Buzz Buzz

Rocketship Run from Rocketship Run

Victor Vito from Victor Vito

We Are The Dinosaurs from Whaddaya Think Of That?

I’m Gonna Catch You from Under A Shady Tree

Moon Moon Moon from Victor Vito

Pig On Her Head from Buzz Buzz

Fast And Slow (The Rabbit And The Turtle) from Rocketship Run

I’m Not Perfect from Victor Vito

I Really Love To Dance from Buzz Buzz

BOOTS from Victor Vito

Five Days Old from Rocketship Run

The Goldfish audio recording from the DVD We Are . . . The Laurie Berkner Band (2005)

Monster Boogie from Buzz Buzz

Song In My Tummy from Under A Shady Tree

I Know A Chicken from Whaddaya Think Of That?

Under A Shady Tree from Under A Shady Tree


Pig On Her Head audio recording from Nick Jr.’s Move To The Music video (2004)

Moon Moon Moon audio recording from the DVD We Are . . . The Laurie Berkner Band (2005)

Open Your Heart written for the kids of the Pajama Program (2010)

I can't wait to receive my copy so I can play it for Lyla & Kalina and get them ready to go see The Laurie Berkner Band in Philly on May 22nd!

Here's how to enter:
(You may leave an individual comment for each of the above that you have done for extra contest entries)

This giveaway will provide you with an autographed copy of The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band. Keep in mind that the album does not come out until June 22nd, so you will receive it shortly after that date.

Contest ends Monday, May 31st at 11:59pm (est). Winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 1st.

(Don't forget to check out my other giveaway on U*neaks Customizable Footwear)

Good Luck,


Giggleberry Fair Tweet 'n Play Thursdays

Giggleberry Fair is giving away two FREE Tweet 'n Play Activity Passes each Thursday to five lucky winners! Winners will be announced on at 5 p.m.

An activity pass offers one day's unlimited admission for one person to Giggleberry Mountain, Giggles Discovers! and unlimited Grand Carousel rides ($14.99 value.)

Click HERE to learn how to register and win!

Giggleberry Fair Hours of Operation (subject to change):
Sunday to Thursday - 10am to 6pm
Friday & Saturday - 10am to 9pm
Painted Pony Cafe closes 1 hour earlier than Giggleberry Fair daily.

Located on Route 263, in Peddler’s Village,
P.O. Box 318, Lahaska, Pennsylvania 18931
Shop #166 (215) 794-4047

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mama's Summer Must Haves!

So here are are my 2 must have items for this Summer!

(Click on the links to see my style)

They are both adorably cute and a great bargain! The handbag comes in different patterns and colors, I have the FLORAL pattern. Purchased at TARGET & MACY'S, which are both my faves! If you have clicked on the links already, you will see that my IT color for this Summer is TEAL! This Summer you will see a lot of patterns and bright colors. Thong sandals are a must right now!

Both of these items were part of my Mother's Day gifts and I'm so excited to put them both together and go out! When I do, I'll post a pic up!


Summer Shoes For Your Little Girls!

Like any other girl out there, I LOVE shoe shopping! Especially when that warm weather rolls around and all the cute flip flops & sandals comes out. And now that I have 2 girls, I love shoe shopping even more. Everything is so little and cute and we all know girls have more options! I can't wait until they're old enough where the 3 of us can go out and just shop! This will be very unfortunate for my husband and our bank account...

(Insert his GASP face here when he sees all the shopping bags!)

But lucky for us, I have found some great deals on some adorable shoes for our little girls. The one that Lyla is wearing in the picture above, cost me no more than $15!!!

(Insert his sigh of RELIEF here when he sees the receipts!)

Below are the 4 pairs of shoes that I bought for Lyla and Kalina at TARGET!

I got this pair for Kalina. It's the Pre-Walk Girls' Genuine Kids by OshKosh Aleeza Flower Gladiator Sandals - Gold (ONLY $12.99)
I also got this pair for Kalina. It's the Pre-Walk Girls' Circo Alcina Flower Sandals - White (ONLY $9.99)
I got this pair for Lyla. It's the Toddler Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh Jaidyce Butterfly Thong Sandals - Multicolor (ONLY $14.99)

As seen in the picture above, Lyla is wearing the Toddler Girls' Xhilaration Jodi Beaded Thong Sandals - White (ONLY $14.99)

Also, I got Lyla her first pair of little girl's high heels. It's so cute! I actually got this pair at SEARS. It's the TKS Toddler Girl Camille - Silver. For some reason, I wasn't able to post the picture up, but you can see it by clicking HERE and it's on sale right now for $9.99!!

There isn't a time that I put these shoes on them that someone doesn't stop to tell me how cute they are and asks me where did I buy them. So I decided to share with you what my girls are wearing this summer! I guarantee you will get compliments non-stop! I know I do! They are also very soft and comfortable on their feet. Especially for Lyla who loves to run around, she had no problem wearing these. We actually put the Multicolor Flower one on her when we went to the Please Touch Museum. She walked in them ALL DAY and they did not hurt her feet or leave any red marks. They're also rubbery on the bottom and are not slippery.

They're great for the warm weather and very fashionable too!


Taga Bike Strollers

Taga Bike Strollers are the new "IT" item to have! I'm truly amazed by this product. It's a baby stroller and carrier bike all rolled into one. It's super fun and safe. It's also very environment friendly, which is awesome! It's easy to maneuver it around stores, elevators, etc. It fits in the trunk of you car no problem! It only weighs about 45-60 lbs. depending on the conversion. Conversion time is an estimated 20 seconds! You can't beat that. Sometimes it takes me longer with my everyday stroller!

This is what I want!! Do you know how easy and fun it would be for me to just put both of my girls on here and just pedal my way around the neighborhood?

You have to check out Taga website to see all the different conversions that this baby can do! They even have a video showing you how fast and easy it is to work it.

Take a look at this picture with Tori Spelling, her husband Dean, and their 2 adorable kids, Liam and Stella using the Taga bikes!

Here are 6 reasons why you should get one (By Taga):
  1. It's pure quality time with your child(ren).
  2. Ride with confidence and control.
  3. It's the only bike that transforms into a stroller.
  4. No parent workout can compare.
  5. Taga grows with your family.
  6. Invest in a truly green vehicle.
This product is certified safe and has won many awards already. It is now available in the U.S. for ordering.

Taga retail price is $1,495. I'm starting to save up right.....NOW!! Or maybe I should just start accepting donations towards my Taga fund? ;o)

Go on the Taga website for more information about it and how to order.

Tell me what you think,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

U*neaks Giveaway!

I have teamed up with U*neaks Customizable Footwear to provide you with a FREE Giveaway! U*neaks are happy to give away a pair of sneakers and 2 pairs of socks of your choice for your toddler (boy or girl)! Total value of almost $45!

I absolutely love the pair that Lyla has right now. She does not want to take them off! We got her the Pearlized Pink Paris Z-Strap. It's so girly and fun! I love how all of their sneakers have windows that you can see through to your socks. Every time you change your socks, you're changing the look of your sneakers! Like U*neaks says, "It's a great way to unleash your imagination, match your mood and express your style."

I think they're so comfy, cute and unique. They have great tracks on the bottom making it easy for your toddler to be more active! And their socks are great too, I personally like putting ankle socks on Lyla when she's wearing sneakers and they have so many to choose from!

I've decided to let Lyla show you what she thought of her new shoes, so I handed her the camera and this is what she took all by herself!

Here's how to Enter:
  • Follow my *MOM*ents blog. (Register with Blogger, if you're not already)
  • Visit U*neaks website and choose your choice of sneakers and 2 pairs of socks and tell me with a comment below.
  • Earn extra entries by following my *MOM*ents & U*neaks on Twitter.
  • Earn more entries by liking my *MOM*ents on Facebook.
  • Earn even more entries by mentioning this giveaway on your site, Twitter or Facebook.
*Don't forget to leave me your name & contact information followed by your comment*

Contest will end on Tuesday, May 18th at 11:59pm(est.)
Winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 19th!

Good luck everyone!


Monday, May 10, 2010

*FREE* Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Tomorrow (5/11) only, get a FREE small (16oz.) iced coffee at participating Dunkin' Donuts:

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Charlottesville, VA

  • Cleveland, OH

  • Harrisonburg, VA

  • Norfolk, VA

  • Washington, DC

  • Youngstown, OH

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Richmond, VA

  • Roanoke, VA

  • Salisbury, MD

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Phoenix, AZ
One FREE small (16 oz.) iced coffee per customer per visit at participating Dunkin' Donuts locations only on May 11, 2010. No purchase necessary. While supplies last. No substitutions. May not be combined with any other offer. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Taxes not included. Price and participation may vary. © 2010. DD IP Holder LLC. All rights reserved.

Visit Dunkin' Donuts website for more information!

Thanks to Mama's Little Helper for tip!


Please Touch Museum

On Saturday, May 8th, we went to our first visit to the Please Touch Museum. I must say we had a blast! Everything was accommodating to children, from parking to all stations inside the museum. It was also very accessible for those with strollers. We had a double stroller and I was concerned it would be very hard to maneuver it around everything and everyone, and it really wasn't!

We started having fun from the moment we walked in the door. Everyone was so friendly and nice to us. Thank you to all the staff who helped us get around, answered our questions, and greeted us from beginning to end. There was so much to do, see and touch that we didn't even know where to begin! It was a great variety of things for children of all ages to experience. As a parent, I had so much fun watching Lyla run around and have fun. I didn't have to worry about her touching anything that breaks or dropping something or fighting over something with another child. She could literally touch and do whatever she wanted. I didn't care about her making a mess, I just wanted her to have fun. At the Please Touch Museum, she was in charge. Even Kalina was great in the stroller the whole time. We had no meltdowns! She was just so amazed at everything that she just sat there and looked around.

We had a wonderful experience there. The place, the staff, the activities and even the food, was great! We definitely recommend the Please Touch Museum to anyone out there with kids that has lots of energy. This is a great place to let them run around! We will definitely be back again!

For more information on tickets & gift certificates, visiting tips, exhibits & programs, calendar of events and the kids store, please visit the Please Touch Museum website.

I've summed up our experience in a video below. Watch and see how much fun we had!

Weekly Wrap Up

Here's this week's Weekly Wrap Up:

  1. I offer something to Lyla 50 times and she decides she finally wants it when I sit down.
  2. My husband warned me about stickers. Enough said.
  3. Windy weather SUCKS!
  4. Loved celebrating my first Mother's Day with BOTH of my girls and all the other mommies this year!
  5. My hubby makes everything special, no matter what.
  6. Had soo much fun at the Please Touch Museum this weekend.
  7. People really need to learn the rules at a 4 way stop sign situation.
  8. After a certain incident, I decided to go into full-potty-training-mode! Good-bye diapers and Hello Panties!
  9. Due to Kalina's urge to be heard at all times, I'm thinking of investing on some serious ear plugs!
  10. Grocery shopping by myself is like therapy to me.
  11. Why does RED spaghetti sauce always splatter when I'm wearing a WHITE shirt?
  12. I've noticed this week some people really have A LOT of time on their hands. Wish they would share...
  13. Why have a nice couch if your toddler is just going to write, color, wipe their hands, drop the messiest food on it? Seriously? It was one pattern but now it's a whole new one!

That's all for my random thoughts, I can't believe my brain actually even function for those...


Friday, May 7, 2010

Video: Lyla & Kalina

Here is a little video clip of Lyla (19 months at the time) teaching Kalina her ABCs! I thought it was so cute that I wanted to share it with you! Enjoy and let me know what you think...


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Children's Medicine RECALL 2010

Hurry and check your medicine cabinet - there has been a recall on Children's and Infant's Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl.

The FDA and McNeil Consumer Health Care are working together on this recall. The recall includes the following brands: Tylenol Infants' Drop, Children's Tylenol Suspensions, Children's Tylenol Plus Suspensions, Motrin Infant Drops, Children's Motrin Suspensions, Children's Zyrtec Liquids in Bottles, Children's Benadryl Allergy Liquids in Bottles. If you have any of the listed medications in your cabinet they are advising us to discontinue use—even before expiration date.

Johnson & Johnson has recalled approximately 50 types of children’s medications in response to quality control problems and the possible presence of small particles within the medication.

The FDA is currently investigating Johnson & Johnson’s factory, and has made some disturbing discoveries. Perhaps the most serious of their discoveries is the presence of an antibiotic resistant bacteria called Burkholderia cepacia (B cepacia.)

Johnson & Johnson claims that the B cepacia did not reach the final product, and that consumers should not be concerned about it’s presence. The FDA, however, has not jumped to the same conclusion. Although the FDA has not specifically warned consumers about the possible presence of this bacteria within the medication, that have specifically urged parents not to use any of the recalled products. They are instead encouraging parents to use the generic equivalents of the medication. The FDA has also openly criticized Johnson & Johnson for their findings within the facility.

Thanks to the media for the information above. Keep a look out for any updates!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

So I'm starting this new series of posts that will be called "Weekly Wrap Up". I will try to do a new post every Monday with things that I have learned or experienced in the past week. It will be an overview of how my week(end) went. Hope you enjoy reading it!

  1. Sweet potatoes on my shirt is not a good look for me! (Thanks Kalina for letting me know.)
  2. I'm having a secret affair with soda.
  3. I ate a whole pack of double stuffed Oreos this week. (Please don't judge!)
  4. I believe that my finger will always smell and taste like Desitin.
  5. My husband and I find excitement in clipping coupons for things that we need.
  6. Invented a new recipe for frozen pudding with jello by accident and the hubby loved it and suggested that I try it with alcohol next time...
  7. Enrolled in school and I will start next week! Loving it!
  8. I'm happy and sad at the same time for realizing how fast our girls are growing up.
  9. Feels so blessed to have celebrated Kalina's Christening this weekend.
  10. I absolutely love having my hubby around for the whole weekend and is really happy he is no longer working Saturdays! Yay! More family time!
  11. I can chew more than I bite off!
  12. If you count my feet, I have 4 hands.
  13. Lyla thinks the entire house and legs are her coloring world :o/
  14. I have made some great deals for my blog.
  15. Lyla is really starting to mimic me more and more.
  16. Went a little more blonde and I must say I am having a little more fun!
  17. Humidy + My Hair = HOT MESS!
  18. I believe my sanity will probably run out by the time I'm 30.
  19. Lyla would eat chips for breakfast everyday if she could.
  20. My husband and I are a great team! (Of course I already knew this.)
  21. Lyla decided she likes peas. Woo-hoo!
  22. Kalina is 7 months today!
  23. Sunshine makes me smile.
  24. My girls have the best/funniest personalities that makes me laugh and smile everyday.
  25. My laundry will probably never be up to date.
  26. Why is it every time my house cleaner leaves, within 5 minutes, it looks like she never came?
  27. Sneezes are taking over the household.
  28. 6 year olds don't take naps?? Is this what I have to look forward to?

Until next week for more!


Iron Cupcake Challenge

The Iron Cupcake Challenge (ICC) is a fun way to get baking enthusiasts together to vie for the title of IRON CUPCAKE CHAMPION and it's all for charity!

Each month a flavor/ingredient will be disclosed and members must bake their best cupcake based on the given flavor, similar to Food Network's Iron Chef Challenge. Prizes are given and judges choose their favorite cupcake based on Style, Presentation, Creativity and of course Flavor! They contribute a portion of the proceeds to local charities.
Cupcakes with fondant heart toppers

All guests are welcome to stop by and taste the cupcakes on display FREE of charge and participate in the raffle for a chance to win prizes from local companies. If you would like to enjoy some delicious food, make a reservation at the host restaurant for an additional charge.

ICC are still looking for bakers, Adult and Junior Level! There are great prizes for bakers! If you would like to sign up for this month's Iron Cupcake Challenge as a baker, please contact:
Kati at

It's a great event for the whole family! I can't wait to go and taste some delicious cupcakes and have a chance to win some great raffle prizes!

They will be supporting a very worthy charity this time called The Animal Welfare Association of Voorhees. The theme for the cupcakes this month is Animals!

I also can't wait for the Iron Cupcake Challenge in July! I have been chosen to be on the judging panel! I'm so looking forward to stuffing my face with some yummy cupcakes. I should go on a diet TODAY! :o)

Here is the information for this month's challenge:

Iron Cupcake Challenge: Moorestown

Sunday, May 23rd at 3:00pm.

Healthy Garden Restaurant
73 E Main Street
Moorestown, NJ

If you would like more information please visit their website: Iron Cupcake Challenge or contact Kati at

Hope to see you all there!



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