Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Mommy, I touch poopies!" -Lyla

So today is the day that I've decided to take potty training to the next level. I introduced the potty to Lyla when she turned 1. She actually managed to go "poop" on there a few times and we got to the point where she now tells me when she's going. Once Kalina was born, I didn't have that much time to dedicate to the whole potty training thing. She still manages to tell me when she's going but she wants nothing to do with the potty. She likes to sit on it with her clothes on, talk to it and put things in it. My dream, and I think any mother out there share this dream, is to have her potty trained (at least during the day) by the time she is 2.
Well, it took one little incident for me to decide that we are in full effect with potty training. As usual, Lyla was in the corner and said, "Mommy, I pooping." And as usual, I always ask her if she wants to go on the potty, and her usual reply, "No." So I let her go about her business, even offered her a book and continued my conversation with my mother on the phone. As I'm talking, Lyla comes up to me and said, "Mommy, here, boogie." I thought she had picked her nose and wanted me to wipe off her hands. I noticed on her finger it was a BIG one! As a mom, nothing else disgusts me any more, so I just grabbed it with my hand until I was able to grab a tissue. Well, it turns out that this "boogie" was a little bit too mushy and still very warm...
As you all can guess by now, it was no "boogie". She had reached down in her diaper and touched her poop. I immediately hung up the phone to assess the situation. That's when I immediately went online and ordered her panties! I thought, that's it, I'm done with this whole diaper thing and apparently she is too. I ordered her "Yo Gabba Gabba" panties which I thought she would have fun with and actually wear them. I've been waiting for warmer weather where I can just let her run around in her new panties and a shirt.
Today, Lyla "threatened" to touch her poopies again, but I was able to catch her on it. Since it has gotten a little warmer, I thought today would be the day. My strategy? I really don't have one. I turned to my mother for advice, since she claims that I have been fully potty trained since the age of 2. Her way of approach was to just rip the diaper off and put panties on. That's it. She has warned me it will be the messiest few days of my life. But eventually, Lyla will feel gross and not want to go potty in her panties any more and I will start seeing signs of her wanting to go. That's when I'm supposed to scoop her up and put her on the potty.
Ok, so that is what I have done. Diaper is off, Foofa panties are on. I have set a timer to go off every 15-20 minutes, for me to put her on the potty. We'll see how this goes. Wish me luck!

** I would love to hear any of your potty training stories or advice or motivation words! ;o) **

Potty training is in FULL effect, starting................NOW!



  1. Oi Natalie... I want to potty train Ana Julia... but working all day I have no clue what to do!!!!! She says ii for "xixi" and coco, pull her pants down all the time but won't sit in the potty. Beijos

  2. Heh, good luck to you, keep us posted as I also have a 2 yr old I'd love to get potty trained. I was nursing baby sister when big sister came in and held up her hand. "I got peanut butter on it, mommy." Yeah, that wasn't a boogie OR peanut butter. At least she was grossed out too, and the next day I saw her go to reach in there, paused, then said "peanut butter? no." and moved her hand away. But she's still pretty clueless about when she's going, so I think the potty is a long ways off...

  3. It's no easy job potty training, I'll tell you that much. I feel like I have a new puppy! LOL. Lyla right now wants nothing to do with the potty, but I still keep her in panties and follow her around all day.. it's easier that I'm a stay at home mom. She now sort of tells me when she's going already, so I guess that's step one...

    I feel like we still have a looong road ahead..

    I'll keep posting!

  4. why am I reading this? WHYY am I responding to it?? Porn, I need some porn or sportcenter immediately!


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