Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

So I'm starting this new series of posts that will be called "Weekly Wrap Up". I will try to do a new post every Monday with things that I have learned or experienced in the past week. It will be an overview of how my week(end) went. Hope you enjoy reading it!

  1. Sweet potatoes on my shirt is not a good look for me! (Thanks Kalina for letting me know.)
  2. I'm having a secret affair with soda.
  3. I ate a whole pack of double stuffed Oreos this week. (Please don't judge!)
  4. I believe that my finger will always smell and taste like Desitin.
  5. My husband and I find excitement in clipping coupons for things that we need.
  6. Invented a new recipe for frozen pudding with jello by accident and the hubby loved it and suggested that I try it with alcohol next time...
  7. Enrolled in school and I will start next week! Loving it!
  8. I'm happy and sad at the same time for realizing how fast our girls are growing up.
  9. Feels so blessed to have celebrated Kalina's Christening this weekend.
  10. I absolutely love having my hubby around for the whole weekend and is really happy he is no longer working Saturdays! Yay! More family time!
  11. I can chew more than I bite off!
  12. If you count my feet, I have 4 hands.
  13. Lyla thinks the entire house and legs are her coloring world :o/
  14. I have made some great deals for my blog.
  15. Lyla is really starting to mimic me more and more.
  16. Went a little more blonde and I must say I am having a little more fun!
  17. Humidy + My Hair = HOT MESS!
  18. I believe my sanity will probably run out by the time I'm 30.
  19. Lyla would eat chips for breakfast everyday if she could.
  20. My husband and I are a great team! (Of course I already knew this.)
  21. Lyla decided she likes peas. Woo-hoo!
  22. Kalina is 7 months today!
  23. Sunshine makes me smile.
  24. My girls have the best/funniest personalities that makes me laugh and smile everyday.
  25. My laundry will probably never be up to date.
  26. Why is it every time my house cleaner leaves, within 5 minutes, it looks like she never came?
  27. Sneezes are taking over the household.
  28. 6 year olds don't take naps?? Is this what I have to look forward to?

Until next week for more!


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