Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Padded Bikini Tops For Young Girls

Ok, I don't even know where to begin with this one... BUT I've come across some bikini tops for 7 YEAR OLDS that are PADDED!!
Yup, you read that correctly. PADDED bikini tops for little girls!! Why on Earth would a little girl ranging from let's say 7 years to 12 years of age need a padded bikini top?? What kind of message is that sending out? Why would a parent want to buy something like this for their little girl and have that kind of attention on her?

I don't get it. As a mother of 2 little girls, I would never consider this bikini for them. I personally don't mind them wearing bikinis. I think it's cute and I don't find anything wrong with it. But once there's padding in the bikini top, that's where I draw the line.

Anyone out there agree or disagree? Mothers of little girls, what do you think about this? Would you let your 7 year old wear a bikini like this one? I would love to hear your feedback!




  1. I have 2 little girls and I am disgusted. This is definetely going over the line. Personally I wouldn't put my girls in a bikini anyway, but not because I am opposed to them. I am, however, opposed to padding them. I feel like it is saaying "Here I am all you pedophiles! Look at me!" Not to mention I do not want my girls thinking they need to change how they look in order to be beautiful.

    I prefer swim suits and better yet swim shirts with boy-shorts. I prefer my kids covered because I know numerous people who have had skin cancer and one passed away from it. Bikinis are never bought in my house. I just hope they don't start padding regular swim suits!

  2. That is just nasty you thought of making it. Worse for parents who would buy it.

  3. I personally would not allow my young child to wear anything padded like that. A bikini is fine, padding is way over the top. The ONLY reason I can think of for parents wanting to purchase that is for young girls who may have, oh, how do I say this appropriately, "puffy" nipples (please pardon the words I am using). I know my 8 year old niece's nipples sort of stick out and my sister is always overly concerned with the top she is wearing, and she usually wears an undershirt with her shirts. This would not be possible with a swimsuit, whereas this padded top may work. Again, I apologize for my use of specific words and hope no one takes offense at them.

  4. This is rediculous!! My daughter is 7 and we have always tried to focus on modesty and class for a young lady, not for her to "flaunt it". She wears tankini's and one-piece suits and occasionally a 2-piece but this just goes overboard. Whatever happened to little girls being little girls - it is hard nowadays to find things that don't reveal too much even for a 7 year old! Call me old-fashioned or what, but it is more important for me to teach my daughter about how important it is at how God and others look at her from the inside than from what she has going on outside.

  5. I live in London, and that bikini was sold here at a discount store called Primark. They got a ton of press and finally ended up getting pulled from the shelves. Believe me, from what I've seen here unfortunatley there are plenty of people here who wouldn't think twice about buying that for their kids. So sad.

  6. Great to see that no one has agreed to buying this so far!

    My husband (from a father's point of view) absolutely agree as well. We would never want our little girls wearing this or promoting it.

    Thanks for the comments!

  7. not while they live under my roof

  8. Wow way to scream pedifile look at my little girl......GROSSSSSSS

  9. Hello. I am a 13 year old girl and i am extremely short and tiny. I am starting to need padding but i still have to wear childrens swimming suits because i am so small. I have been looking for a swimming suit like this for a long time. I do agree with some of your opinions about the subject but sometimes people like me need that!



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