Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Here's this week's Weekly Wrap Up:

  1. I offer something to Lyla 50 times and she decides she finally wants it when I sit down.
  2. My husband warned me about stickers. Enough said.
  3. Windy weather SUCKS!
  4. Loved celebrating my first Mother's Day with BOTH of my girls and all the other mommies this year!
  5. My hubby makes everything special, no matter what.
  6. Had soo much fun at the Please Touch Museum this weekend.
  7. People really need to learn the rules at a 4 way stop sign situation.
  8. After a certain incident, I decided to go into full-potty-training-mode! Good-bye diapers and Hello Panties!
  9. Due to Kalina's urge to be heard at all times, I'm thinking of investing on some serious ear plugs!
  10. Grocery shopping by myself is like therapy to me.
  11. Why does RED spaghetti sauce always splatter when I'm wearing a WHITE shirt?
  12. I've noticed this week some people really have A LOT of time on their hands. Wish they would share...
  13. Why have a nice couch if your toddler is just going to write, color, wipe their hands, drop the messiest food on it? Seriously? It was one pattern but now it's a whole new one!

That's all for my random thoughts, I can't believe my brain actually even function for those...


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