Monday, April 19, 2010

Lyla's Cool Trick

On Sunday, the family and I finished off our day at the Cheesecake Factory. My mouth is still watering just thinking about the food and dessert that we had there. Anyway, I don't how familiar any of you are with the show Yo Gabba Gabba, but Lyla absolutely LOVES it! There is a segment on there called "Cool Tricks" where different people, including kids, will go to debut their special talent aka. Cool Trick. In one episode, a little boy's cool trick is to hang a spoon off his nose. Lyla finds his trick really funny. While we were sitting at our table yesterday waiting for our food to arrive, Lyla grabs a spoon and hangs off her nose and turns to John and I and said, "Cool Trick, Cool Trick". We burst out laughing. I don't know any 20 month old that can do this! Haha. Good thing I had my camera with me and was able to capture it on film and in pictures.

Below you will find the video of Lyla doing her Cool Trick!

Let me know what you think of it...

Have a good laugh,



  1. oh god, that is sooo funny. i couldn't stop laughing!!!

  2. we couldn't either. do you hear how loud we are in the middle of the restaurant? hehe.

  3. OMG...that is so good! She is soo cute and that is a great trick! I'm dying!!!

  4. haha! Thanks Tara! She totally took us by surprise! She's been holding it up to her nose with her hand for a while now, but even she was surprised when she let go! My husband told me to submit it somewhere because it's so funny. Your daughter is soo adorable too!


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