Friday, April 30, 2010

Embarking on a new Journey...

I've decided to embark on a new Journey...

...And that journey is, I'm going to go back to school! Am I crazy or am I crazy? I know what you're probably thinking, why would it be crazy for me to go back to school? Well, being a stay at home mom to 2 girls who are under the age of 2 and only 13 months apart, babysitting another 5 month old girl Monday thru Friday with an occasional extra kid or two, blogging, doing my wifely duties, taking care of 2 dogs, tutoring...etc. where am I going to find the time to STUDY? I like a challenge, so I decided to manage all of the above and adding school to the mix.

Even though, I'm a little nervous of juggling everything at once, I'm actually really excited and can't wait! My hubby works at Manor College, so that is where I will be going. It's a great 2 year college and plus, I get to go for FREE! Can't beat that. It might be a little weird at times because I have become friends with some of the teachers there and now I will be probably be their student...

I've decided to go for my Bachelor's Degree in Radiologic Sciences. I want to specialize in ultrasounds during pregnancies. Since being pregnant, twice, I was always amazed at every ultrasound session that I had. I couldn't believe that while I was looking at a black and white blob on screen, the ultrasound technician was taking a look at my baby's brain. It was incredible!

Due to lack of time, I will be going part time. I'm trying to make up for loss time by going through the summer. Right now, I'm signed up for 2 online classes, Enlgish and Math. Ahh! I'm so not worried about Enlgish, but Math? I'm horrible at it and don't get it at all, so I will be calling for help very SOON! Summer classes are only 5 weeks long, but tend to be a little more stressful because they try to cram in 15 weeks worth of work into 5! But the good thing is, it'll pass on by quickly. It might take forever for me to complete my degree because I'm going part time, but I don't care as long as I finish, even if that means going to school in my 30's. I figure I get a head start now while I'm still only 24 and my mind is still semi-functional then to start later on and waste all this time. Hopefully, by the time that our girls are in school full time, I will be finishing up school and starting my career!

So here's to me taking a step to better my future and better my family's future. My girls and my husband are my motivation! And here's to a much more busier schedule including dirty diapers, bottles, back to back episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba, outside Summer fun and now online, night and possible Saturday classes!

Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated on my new Journey to the future!

-Natalie aka. Manor Student

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