Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

So today being "Earth Day", I have thought up of some activities to do with Lyla (because Kalina is too young) to teach her some things about the Earth and how to RECYCLE & REUSE.

I got some great ideas from Target at their "Dollar Spot". They have little pots that comes with the flower seeds already. They're very tiny and cute! They also have bigger pots with different seeds that you can purchase separately. You can make it an Earth Day activity, to plant flowers. It also gives your child(ren) a sense of responsibility to water them routinely. I also purchased gardening tools for Lyla. She is such an outdoor girl and loves to play outside. I noticed her interest in helping my parents out in their garden and how much she wanted to play with their, sharp tools, so I got her very own plastic and child-friendly set!

To celebrate Earth Day today, I plan to not use my car today! Instead, I will take the girls for a nice walk. I'm going to bring a trash bag with me and some plastic gloves and have Lyla help me pick up trash along the way. To help save some energy, I'm going to have less Tv and computer time. Although, this may seem like a challenge, I have picked out different Earth Day activities to do with her. Here are 2 that I plan to do today:

Thanks to Family Crafts for the great ideas! Check them out for a complete list of different arts & crafts that you can do. I plan to use our Home-Made Binoculars on our nature walk today. I can't wait to make my Greeting Card Storage Box because I always feel bad throwing away cards that we receive and they just keep piling up, so this will be a great thing to do!

There are many things that we can all do as a community to help our Earth. Although, this is one day out of the year that we really take focus on it, please try to make everyday Earth Day and let's try to make the grass a little greener on both sides!!



  1. I LOVE the dollar bin! We also bought tools from there too :p The're great! I hope you had fun planting. We haven't done any yet but hopefully soon! :)

  2. I love it too, great finds in there! My next project is outside! ;o)


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