Monday, April 26, 2010

*CLOSED* Cute Kid Photo Contest- WIN $100 Toys R Us Gift Card- Congratulations to Lucas & Gabriel!

Enter your cutie today and have a chance to win a gift card to Toys R Us in the amount of $100!

As you can see, I've posted pictures of my little cuties! Kalina is on the left and Lyla is on the right.

I'm so not modest when it comes to how beautiful I think my girls are, just like any other parent would think of their kids. So I decided to host a giveaway based on how cute your little one is!

Find a Toys R Us near you on here.

Here is how you enter:

  • Become a follower of my *MOM*ments Blog
  • Become a fan of my *MOM*ents on Facebook or Twitter
  • Become a fan of Toys R Us on Twitter
  • Send a cute photo of your child(ren) with caption of their names & ages to
  • Leave a comment on here saying you entered the contest

**Ages of children must be between 0-14 years**

You may submit more than one photo if you have more than one child but only one will be the winner.

If you submit a photo with more than one child in it, you would still only receive one gift card in the amount of $100.

Please keep in mind that all photos submitted will be posted on this website.

By entering this contest, you agree with all terms.

Contest will end on Sunday, May 2nd at 11:59pm(est). I will announce the winner on Monday, May 3rd!

Disclosure: I purchased giveaway item.

Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to see some cute pictures!


Cute Kids Contestants:

Caitlyn - 18 months
Alexa - 1 year
Andrew - 3 1/2 years

Alyssa - 19 months
Emily - 3 years
Alex - 2 years
Larissa - 4 years
Preston - 5 years
Serenity - 1 year
Brianna - 10 years
Lucas and Gabriel - 5 years
Anthony - 4 years
Benjamin - 12 months


  1. Oh--I dont want a Twitter account. I can barely keep up with the FB one I already have. I want to enter but cant follow TRU on Twitter--do they have a FB page I can join?

  2. If you do not have a Twitter account, that's ok. Facebook is fine.

  3. I send you an email with my little angel's picture. Crossing my fingers...

  4. Hi:) I am a fan of TRU on Facebook and Twitter. And I am your fan on both and subscribed to your blog.
    I also just emailed you pictures of both of my children:) Thank you:)

  5. Okay! I am a fan on FB and twitter and the blogspot!
    I sent you a pic of Emily, she is 3!
    Good Luck,everyone!

  6. Hi! i just sent a picture of my daughter! Can't wait to see who wins!! Good Luck everyone!

  7. I entered my 4 children in the contest. Best wishes to all...

  8. Just entered my twin boys who would love to win this!! We're fans! Thanks so much!

  9. I entered my boys in the contest!! Thank you



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