Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian picked ME!


Not the baby of course, but that would be Kourtney Kardashian's adorable little man Mason! But that cute playmat! She hosted a giveaway on her blog for a Skip Hop playspot and bedding set and I entered it. I soooo did not think I would win because she received over 900 entries and there was only going to be 3 winners!!

I'm a huge fan of the Kardashian shows so every now and then I stop by their blogs. I happened to see that she was giving this super chic playmat away and didn't hesitate to enter it. All you had to do was to leave a comment about your favorite childhood toy. So I did, not thinking for a chance I would be selected. Did I mention she received over 900 entries and I was picked along with 2 other winners? So cool! Look how cute they are and they come in different colors too! Plus, I won a bedding set as well. I researched them and the playmat alone is $79! The bedding sets are about $300! Talk about a nice win!

You can click HERE to read more about it through Kourtney's blog!


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