Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Mother's Touch

I could never understand what a mother's touch or a mother's instinct could really do, until I became a mother. It truly is a miracle what it can do. My first experience as a mom was right after Lyla was born. We haven't slept in 4 days because I was having contractions for that long. We were so tired that our last night at the hospital, John suggested that the nurses take her into the nursery and only bring her in for feeding, so we can have some kind of sleep. I really didn't want to do this because I would miss her too much. Plus, as a new mom I felt like I was trading my baby in for a few hours of sleep. But I knew we both needed some rest before heading home to do it all on our own. So I let them take her away into the nursery. Now I know they say a baby can only see a blurry 6 inches away but I swear as they rolled her out, she turned her head and looked right at me! I just broke down to tears as I saw her looking at me and wondering why I wasn't going with her. I just kept crying to the point John just said, let's bring her back in here if it will make you feel better. At that point, only 20 minutes went by and I got a phone call from the nurses asking if they could bring her back into the room. I asked them if there was something wrong and they simply replied that since she left the room she has not stopped crying. I told them ME TOO! Bring her back! As soon as she came back into the room, she fell asleep. Aw, she just missed her mama and I sure missed her...

Well, I came across this video and my little story is far from a miracle then this mother's. Kate Ogg gave birth to premature (27 weeks) twins. Emily made it just fine. But Jamie was pronounced dead after 20 minutes of the doctor's trying to revive him. The doctor's handed the lifeless little boy to his parents to say goodbye. Kate immediately took her shirt off and was skin to skin with her baby for 2 hours!! After 5 minutes of her holding him and caressing him and talking to him, he started moving. Doctors still did not give them hope because he claimed it was just a reflex. The baby's movements got stronger and stronger and eventually he even opened his eyes! Kate put a little bit of breastmilk on her finger and he began to suck. Doctors could not believe their eyes. This baby was not breathing nor he had a heartbeat but with his mother's touch and embrace, she brought him back to life.

That doesn't say much about science, huh? After a measly 20 minutes, the doctor's gave up! Seriously? Is that our cut off time to try to revive someone these days? Of course, a mother was patient enough to hold her son for 2 hours!! What if they cut her time off after a few minutes? This baby would've just sat there dead with no one paying attention to it while the parents mourned him and planned his funeral. Unreal. It goes to show that God is above all Science.

Take a moment and think about it. Kate did what was intended for all of us to do before science began to take over. And a miracle was born...

Here is the video for the full coverage. Please watch it, grab a tissue because if this doesn't bring a tear to your eyes I don't know what will....

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