Monday, September 13, 2010

My Perfect Day

Ever had one of those days where EVERYTHING goes the way you planned or wanted to? That was my day yesterday! And it doesn't happen too often when you're a stay at home mom/student/wife/keep inserting titles here...

If you didn't know, yesterday was Grandparent's Day! My parents offered if they could take our girls to the mall and hang out with them. Now, normally John and I go along with them because wherever our girls are, we are too! No matter who's with them we're always there because we like to hang out as a family. But due to the clutter that has been swallowing our house in whole, we decided to let them go with my parents and meet up with them once we were done.

It broke my heart to have them say goodbye to me and drive away. Ok, I know I know. I'm so dramatic. They were only going to the mall with my parents for a few hours!! But they are never without me, unless I really need to run an errand or go to an appointment without them.

Anyway, so we got A LOT done in the house. We got to spend some time together just laying around, watching t.v. and then we got ready to go out. It's amazing how quickly we can get ready without interruptions and without having to worry about diaper bag, outfits, bottles, etc.

For the first time in a long time, we took the hubby's car. We're always in my SUV with the girls because of the carseats, so it was nice to be just the 2 of us in his convertible. It felt like those pre-mama days. We decided to stop and grab something to eat since my parents ate with the girls. Hubby decided for sushi.

We went to OOKA! OH-EM-GEE! At first I was hesitant to even go to eat because it had been 3 hours already without my babies and we were supposed to meet them at the mall but the thought of eating at a restaurant just the hubs and I and I would get to eat my food right when it came out, while it was still hot and just sit there and have an adult conversation, sold me in!

Can I just tell you how AMAAAZING OOKA is?? We had a little trouble ordering at first because it's not everyday we go to a sushi restaurant ya know? But we ordered an appetizer, an entree and some sushi! It was sooo delicious. I don't know if it was the fact that we were starving or how excited we were to be just us, but everything was sooo good. My mouth is watering just thinking about that sushi.

Here's what we ordered:

Appetizer: Gyoza- Pan fried pork dumpling (so yummy)
Entree: Teriyaki Chicken which comes with rice, mizo soup and garden salad. (awesome, hubby loves that dressing!)
Lobster Dynamite Roll- fresh lobster, avocado and mango covered with spicy tuna and sweet chili sauce. (this was the best everrrrr!)

Everything came out fresh and fast and it was the perfect portion amount. It was reasonable and so cute inside. Even the mints they give you with your bill was good! Our bill was only $50 with tip! Can't beat that!

By now, the mall was closed and the girls were getting tired so we just decided to meet them back at the house. On our way home, we stopped at Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor for some amazing ice cream! It was sooo good!

Loved getting back to reality and to our girls. They had an amazing fun-filled day and got spoiled rotten with my parents! They went to bed right away, leaving the rest of the night for the hubby and I to relax.

I couldn't ask for a better day. Although we missed our girls terribly and were talking about them all day, it was nice to have a date again with my love.

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