Thursday, September 23, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here

I sat here for about 5 minutes thinking of a clever title to call this post. I even googled a funny, tired title. Yup, just totally did that. But as tired as I am right now, my sense of humor just isn't sensing right now. The pic above is totally me right now, except I'm cuter. ;o)

I'm literally laying on my phone right now because it has not stopped ringing or me calling/texting ALL DAY! I think my phone wants to quit right now. I def. worked it overtime today. All thanks to the much planning for Kalina's 1st birthday party next weekend. From everyone RSVP-ing to me ordering stuff after stuff and cancelling stuff after stuff. All for a party she won't even remember lol. But it's all worth it!

Aside from all the party stuff, I also cleaned out the girls' closets. All clothes, toys, gadgets, books etc. that they no longer use or wear came flying down the steps.

This is what my couch looked like earlier today. That wasn't even all of it. That was only 3 bags of clothes lol. I have donated sooo much that this is what was left of the unwanted clothes. I actually had a couple people stop by today and bought some! I'm still going through toys, high chair, strollers, car seats, etc. So if you need/want any baby stuff, let me know! I want it ALL gone. Especially how Kalina's birthday is next week and I know we're going to be getting some presents that I need to make room for!

So that was that. I actually just cleaned up and straightened the living room up. The hubs working late tonight, so I was on mommy & daddy duty today. No break for me. I had to make dinner, feed, bathe and clean, so yeah I'm tired. I even decided to be a good student and sit in front of the computer and get some homework out of the way! I totally deserve a star for that one.

Ok, kids are asleep and the hubby just walked in with some Wawa! Hell yeah!! I told him to surprise me... I wonder what he got me...

Hope everyone has a good night!

Getting my net out and ready to catch some ZzZz's...right after Wawa of course!

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  1. Hi Natalia. If you want to donate some clothes it would be wonderful ... my mom's housekeeper's daughter in Brasil is pregnant and expecting a girl. She is very very poor and don't have anything. I'm taking some of Ana Julia's baby clothes for her. If you want to help.. great!



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