Friday, September 24, 2010

Have I told you..lately..that I........

hate mornings! (By the way, did you read that title like the Rod Stewart song Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?) Cause that's how you were supposed to read it...

Anywho, I'm not typically a morning person. The hubby will let you know about that. I'm useless before 8am. At times when I go to bed late such as 2am and have to wake up at 6am, I feel great! But I don't know what it is about mornings that we just can't get along. I do like the fact that I can't sleep in any more either though. I feel like I can get a lot more done when I'm up early.

But I'm totally straying away from the whole point of this post. It's really to tell you that I did not have a great start to my day. To make a long story short, I was about to change Lyla's morning diaper and put her panties on (our normal morning routine). I realized that there was a lot more than what I bargain for in that diaper. She really wanted to continue to play instead of letting me change her. Once I laid her down I found out why....

As soon as I laid her down she put her index finger in her mouth and began to gag. I thought she was doing this to make herself throw up and show me how pissed off she was that I interrupted her play time. She began to throw up as I quickly stood her up. Throw up was ALL over the rug. It smelled sooo bad. I'll deal with poop any day, but I hate cleaning up vomit!! So now not only am I dealing with a poopy diaper but throw up on my floor! But that wasn't even the shocking part of it all. In the middle of her chewed up breakfast on the floor was a very shiny... can you guess??

A PENNY!! At first I thought she had swallowed it at some point in her lifetime and just now it decided to come out, but I realized that when I laid her down and she put her finger in her mouth and started choking, it was because she had a penny in her mouth!!! Ew! Here she was going about her morning sucking on a disgusting, dirty penny! I don't even know where she found it because we make sure to keep all loose change away from their reach.

So I threw her in the tub (not really threw but you know). She smelled so bad I couldn't just wipe her down. A few scrub-a-dub-dub later, she was shiny & clean, just like that penny.

It wasn't even 10am yet and that's what I had to deal with. BUT on a lighter note, Lyla has been awesome on the potty today! She went all day on the potty all by herself. She even took a nap in her panties and woke up dry! As soon as she got up she walked up to her potty and went! Proud moment!

Ok, enough ramblings! Off to run some errands!!

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