Tuesday, August 10, 2010


SO it seems like there is a mystery person in my house that likes to mysteriously hide, steal, get rid of certain items here. No matter how organized we get, these items always end up gone!

Here's a list of some of them:

  1. Binkies- no matter how many we buy and store, for some reason we can never find any of the girls' binkies!
  2. Hair Brushes- this mystery person must have a lot of hair to brush...
  3. Tupperware Lids- seriously? where are they??
  4. Nail Clipper- it's a very high maintenance mystery person...
  5. Socks- now I know I put BOTH pairs in there but only one comes out...
  6. Receipts & Coupons- mystery person likes to be thrifty too!
  7. Bottle Lids- ok, this just really gets to me. I would love to know where all the lids to the girls' bottles are, aside from the one the hubby left at Target...
  8. My Phone- good thing I have unlimited...
  9. My Glasses- I think I have gone at least a month not knowing where it is!
  10. My Sanity, Patience, Energy- still looking for these, if you find them, let me know!
Ever lose something that you even forgot you lost it and don't remember until you find it and have one of those "Oh there it is" moment?

Tell me about it...


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