Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sleep? What's that?

Two items that are getting me through the day!

Last night the hubs and I had the worst night since we had kids. It was a toughie. If we got 1 hour of sleep between the both of us, it was too much. Kalina was not one happy camper in the Dempster Camp last night. I think she had a case of the "teething" really bad. She had such a good day yesterday, just like any other day. She is so pleasant. Nothing bothers this kid. Not even the many hair pulls and toy stealing she endures from her bully aka. big sis. (I'll get to that on another post) She was having so much fun, she even skipped a nap! So for sure I thought she was going to sleep all night since she wore herself off all day. I even said to John before I took her up, "She's going to have a great night cause she's so tired." Boy, was I wrong. I totally jinxed us!

She had her last bottle and before it was over she was asleep in my arms. I was out of her room in no time! I even got slapped high five from the hubby! And as always, as soon as we lay down in bed and get all comfy we hear her through the monitor. John had no luck putting her back so I thought I'd give it a go since sometimes she's a mommy's girl. Every time she fell asleep as soon as I laid her down she would wake up freaking out! She was getting so frustrated with her binky because she wanted it but I guess it hurt her gums that she would just rip it out of her mouth and throw it! Then she wanted nothing to do with a bottle. After 2 HOURS of trying to put her back to sleep, I did something I said I would NEVER do even though her doctor recommended me to. I kissed her goodnight and laid her down and walked away. I let her cry. It broke my heart and made me cry with her but after trying to put her to sleep 5 times and already being almost 3 AM, I gave up...

She cried such a heartfelt cry. She even woke Lyla up! Now we were dealing with 2 kids up in the middle of the night! I went back into the room to try the bottle one more time and to give her some Tylenol. Another HOUR goes by and still no luck. Now I really HAD to just let her go to sleep on her own. Her pediatrician even told me to stop rocking her to sleep and just let her cry. It wouldn't kill her. But as a mom, I would never want my kids to fall asleep crying. That's just not right to me. But last night, I had to, for her own good. Because I felt like if I kept trying to put her to sleep, she would fall asleep on me and just keep waking up every time I put her down. I do not let my kids sleep in our bed. We don't want to start that at all! So once again I walked away and this time I did not go back. She cried...A LOT, but eventually she gave in and fell asleep. All I wanted to do was to go in there and hold her one more time but I knew she needed to get some rest.

Just when I thought I was going to shut my eyes, she woke up about an hour later. This time the hubby went to get her while Lyla was falling asleep on the couch. Now he had 2 kids to put to sleep because I was in no condition to even function. He did it though folks! He got them both to sleep! As soon as he got up to go upstairs to put Kalina back in her crib, Lyla realized Daddy was gone and freaked out! She screamed so loud that YUP it woke Kalina back up! I threw myself out of bed and went to lay with Lyla on the couch while John attempted ONCE AGAIN to put Kalina to sleep. By now it's almost 5 AM. He told me Kalina finally went to sleep on him around 6 AM!!

I woke up at 7:30am because he was getting ready for work and went to sleep in my bed. An hour later, the girls were up and ready for their days to start!

So as you can see from my pics those are the items that are keeping me awake today! Both girls went down for a nap at the same time. It's been 3 HOURS!!! I hear Kalina on the monitor and Lyla is still sleeping. I guess I missed my window to take a nap too?? Darn, if I only knew they would sleep for this long....

Oh well, back to mom duty!

What are your experience(s) with a teething or over-stimulated baby?? What did you do??




  1. Girl...I have many days where coffee or cherry coke zero gets me through the day! My youngest hasn't really given me a problem sleeping- it was my oldest. And I guess it is so far in the past that I can't remember. There were nights I swore he'd wake up all the neighbors on our block though! Hope you get better sleep!

  2. With both girls being only 13 months apart and going through different phases, I feel where Lyla just gets through one, Kalina begins. But I know in the long run it will get easier, it just has to right? LOL


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