Friday, August 20, 2010

Annoying People

This was me last night!

I just wanted to give a shout out to 2 people who annoyed me last night. After a long night the night before and a long day to follow I still had to go out and run some errands. Let's just say I only attacked 1 of the 3 stores I had to go to.

My first shout out goes to the very anti-social Staples employee! We didn't get to the store until 8pm. I needed a few things for me to get started on Kalina's 1st birthday invitations. I knew exactly what I wanted. The hubby was hanging out with the girls so I can pace through the store quickly. I got stuck on 2 items. First, I had a paper question. This employee was so monotone to answer me that I felt like I was prying information out of him. I had to almost drag him to the paper isle to show him what I was talking about. By now, it's almost closing time and all I needed was some damn adhesive magnets! I know they had it because I was smart enough to check the website before going there. I'm searching the entire store for ANYONE who works there. Anyone? Anyyyyyone? (echoooo) Nothing! I finally found someone wearing a Staples shirt and who is it?? Mr. Personality himself once again. He looked at me like I just spoke in another language. He finally told me to go to isle 5, which by the by I had just came from. As I'm making my way there his personality decides to come out and tell my daughter to put whatever she takes off the shelves to put back because he had just organized that isle. UMMM...OK! Dude, she's like 2! And long and behold, I found my adhesive magnets on isle 6 ALL BY MYSELF! Thank you very much! I made a point to go back to Mr. Personality and tell him that. Good night!

My second shout out goes to the lady at Wendy's! I wanted to get the girls something to eat since they had an early dinner so Lyla requested nuggets. Kalina was already freaking out in her car seat just because that's what she likes to do now... There was ONE car in front of us who were already getting their food. The lady at the drive thru window just decided to take her good old time and talk to her fellow co-workers and not make an attempt to take our order. We actually had to beep the horn to get her attention. After all of that with kids waiting very impatiently for their late snack, she proceeds to tell us they ran of nuggets for the night. (Insert car tire screeching here)

So I just wanted to give those 2 a wonderful shout out and thank them for their wonderful customer service. I think you picked the right career for you! Keep up the good work!


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