Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teething Bling: Review

Teething Bling - brought to you by Smart Mom Jewelry

Any of you who have children and went through the "teething" phase know how much our little ones love to grab and chew on whatever we have around our necks! And for those of you who have not entered that phase yet...brace yourself.

Right now Kalina is in that phase, which oh so fun! I love wearing jewelry, but since she started teething I haven't been able to because she immediately grabs on to my necklace and puts it in her mouth. So I just stopped wearing them. Insert sad face here.

I came across this great company called Smart Mom Jewelry that was launched in 2002 by 2 stay-at-home moms. I checked out their Teething Bling products and fell in love. Not only was this a solution for Kalina's teething habits but a solution for me to still be fashionable and wear jewelry.

Their products are made by the same material that most teething toys are made from. They are also non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free! Totally safe for your precious one.

There is a variety of different products, colors and styles. I, of course, got the turquoise pendant. I have said in a previous post that is my color for the summer!

I love it! Kalina immediately was drawn to it! This is a great idea, totally hip as you can see all the celebrity mamas are wearing them and they make for a great gift!!

Teething Bling is a must have! Don't think just because it's a new thing and celebrities are wearing it that it's so expensive! They are totally affordable!!

And to top it off, Smart Mom Jewelry is granting all my *MOM*ents readers an additional 20% off!!

Use the code: S-SMJ at checkout!

Don't forget to check them out on Facebook & Twitter!

Get your teething bling on today!!


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