Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Price Products: Review

Price Products was kind enough to send me these two products to review. Ever since I've tried the Dwink Box and the Dripstik, they have not left the diaper bag! I take it with me every time I go out.

Dwink Box- Every parent out there can agree the anxiety we get when we hand our small children a juice box or pouch, especially when we are out in public and they are in a nice outfit. We all know what's going to happen as soon as we hand them that juice....
Well, with the Dwink Box worry no more! You can fit the juice box (even the small ones) or juice pouches right in there. It has comfortable grip handles, non skid bottoms and it's dishwasher safe. It's also available in 4 different colors!

Dripstik- This product just has been the best! You're actually getting two products into one! On one side, it holds frozen treats such as popsicles and the other holds the ice cream cone. Now here in Philadelphia, it has been SOOO hot and humid outside that anything frozen doesn't stand a chance. The melting process starts almost immediately. Again, the anxiety feeling of knowing what's soon to become of this frozen treat just takes over. With the Dripstik, I don't need to worry about the mess because it catches all the mess for me! No more chasing around with numerous amounts of sticky napkins and wipeys to catch every drip! This product is also dishwasher safe and is available in 6 different colors!

Check out Price Products to see all of their products that are made by parents, for parents. They have unique products that are so useful for us parents. It would also make for great gifts!

Also don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for awesome discounts!

Thanks to Price Products for providing me with these great products to review!


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